My first taste of movie making was with the Malayalam movie ‘Kazhcha’ by director Blessy. The scene shot was the projection of an epic Soviet silent film ‘Battleship Pottemkin-1925’ (Sergei Eisenstein) among a group of intellectuals, using an old 16mm projector by operator Madhavan (Mammooty). The importance of that moment to me is, viewing an epic movie during the making of another great movie in Malayalam. Both inspired me, and that old projector captured my fancy. My indomitable fascination for movies was further fuelled at the location of ‘Kazhcha’. All these happened during the fag end of my school days. This incident changed my perception about my future and destiny.

I was born and brought up in the small town of Thiruvalla in Kerala, India. My creative abilities began to surface in elementary school and became focused by high school. I encouraged myself to explore all forms of media and was instilled with the means to provoke my imagination.

During my high school days, I won several accolades at State level competitions for Painting & Sculpting. Noteworthy among that is the Best Young Artist Award from Artist Shankar Memorial Trust, Kerala. And during my engineering graduation, I exhibited 23 photographs in a State level Photographic Exhibition, which also got critical acclaim by many veterans in the field.

After graduation I spent four years in Industrial and Teaching field with an overwhelming passion towards the silver screen. Parallel to that, I studied Film Editing from Chethana Film Institute, one of the pioneer film institute’s in South India. During that period, I developed a special pattern for my painting called ‘Lineism’, in which each object is painted using broken line strokes. I worked on canvas under the pseudonym ‘Ghaf’.

Finally I commenced my journey towards my destiny with the veteran Malayalam film director Hariharan and the most celebrated writer M.T Vasudevan Nair.

And now I am working as Chief Assistant Director for both Hariharan & Blessy.