I (Ghaf) am a self- taught politically charged visual artist. My creative interests channel through the survivalist thoughts, religious/caste identity crisis & the emotional identity of the society and the Individual. I subsequently strive to tackle and critique the physicality of socio-political inequalities, or of war or of absolute poverty.

Why Ghaf?

Ghaf is a species of flowering tree of the arid Middle East and Indian terrain. It is one great survivor! Scorching heat, searing winds, high rates of water loss…it overcomes all. Every part of the tree provides resources and habitat for a variety of native fauna and flora. Whenever it receives nature’s bounty, it flourishes and nurtures dreary life. I derived my inspiration and cognitive strength from her.

Art is communicated to the society in two ways: 1. Entertainment 2. Addressing social and cultural issues. The best of the latter springs from basic survival instincts. Thus my choice of Ghaf !

My portraits usually capture extreme emotions and intensity I felt about those people in my crucible through Fauvism & Lineism. The portraits I made are usually addressed by the compositions of a single color.

My visual expressions are part of a journey which is deeply influenced by the mysteries of our existence and how every action, emotion, and our interconnectedness in a universal scale sets off a chain reaction….which we experience from the micro to the macro scale.


Lineism is a self created way of painting using broken line strokes, which have a post impressionist base. Imageries are formed using hundreds and thousands of lines, which become blended in the viewer’s eye. It creates a greater degree of luminosity and brilliance of color.





  • Private collections in India, U.S.A., Denmark, New Zealand & Dubai